You know those people who always knew they wanted to write stories?

I was one of them. I swear, I was!

My writing career began at the tender age of eight when I crafted a fantastical short story told from the perspective of a grape, shrivelling in a fruit bowl and cast aside in favour of more appealing fruit. Surprisingly, this unequivocal masterpiece didn’t win the NSW Writer’s Centre Short Story Competition. So that sucked. 

As an adult, I’ve written food and lifestyle articles for a range of Aussie publications, while also working as a copywriter within the Sydney startup and agency scene. Now a mum of two rather crazy kids and partner to an even nuttier inventor, I live in Sydney’s inner city and write stories for young people. 

I’d love to say that my passion was born after a meaningful adolescent encounter with J.D Salinger or Harper Lee but, honestly, I grew up reading The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley — books which chronicled the most wonderful friendship circles and highlighted personal stories as each character grew.

The Othering is my very first book. There’s no dystopian vampire love. You should probably know that up front.